The Art of Richard Thompson Book

I just ordered the book The Art of Richard Thompson. Mr. Thompson is an illustrator and the creator of the comic strip Cul de Sac. I like is loose style is fun writing. He has many awards but noteworthy is the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year, presented by the National Cartoonists Society of […]

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This cartoon shows a clown and man talking one the phones at a jail. The clown is saying to the man, “The giggles I knew smiled a lot more.” This cartoon is done with pen and ink and is in full color. [ what better viagra or cialis | cialis endurance | free sample pack […]

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Tools for a Cartoonist

The tools for a cartoonist are very simple.  The reality is that you can draw a cartoon in so many ways.  You could draw a cartoon using a crayon and a paper place mat from your neighborhood diner or draw with drops of blood on a suicide note.  (That’s a bit graphic and should not […]

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cartoon 6-21 scott stantis larger

Editorial Cartoon from Chicago Tribune Video

I’m a big fan of watching others draw.  There is a wealth of videos on the internet…I don’t know if you knew that.   Here is a video done by the Chicago Tribune showing editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis.  I hope you enjoy. [ canada meds viagra | how to get viagra | viagra in ireland […]

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The Cartoonist’s Workbook by Robin Hall

The Cartoonist’s Workbook by Robin Hall is another cartooning books of many that are in my library.  The one I have is the old school one with the black cover.  As you can see in the image that I chose they have a new cover for this one.  The Cartoonist’s Workbook is not for the new […]

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Simon’s Cat “Let Me In!”

I’m a big fan of  Simon’s Cat.  Not because there is some weird love for cats, but I’m a bigger fan of the animation.  I love the clean black and white look.  The cat has so much personality with very few lines.  There is no need for talking with this cat.  The communication is all […]

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