My name is Fritz and like many cartoonists out there I’ve always wanted to be a cartoonist.  And like many cartoonists out there I’ve spent most of my life going after this dream.  This includes drawing every day, doodling every chance I get, writing down funny things, going to school to learn how to draw (although not required), and learning how to sell my cartoons for money and/or food.

I was a cartoonist that needed to go to school to learn how to draw.  I had the passion but not the skills.  I went to the Academy of Art University of San Francisco and graduated in 2003 with a BFA in Illustration.

Since graduation I’ve been slowly building up my book of business through referrals and my website by selling my cartoons to local San Francisco businesses.  Most of what I do are single panel cartoons that are used in marketing for business.  I’ve worked with small and large companies from banks to technology companies to the local dentist, insurance broker, and bookkeeper.  I take pride in being fast with my jokes and quick with my pen.

On a personal note, I grew up in Iowa and currently live and work in San Francisco.  I love baseball, computers, camping, grilling, and of course drawing.  I also like making people laugh.  I have a daily comic strip called Rackafracka which is a single panel comic.

I am honored to sign my name Fritz which is my Grandpa’s nickname who is a great man and someone I look up to a lot.  He leads the way when telling jokes and is just a great person to talk to.

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